Volunteer at Eva Demaya Centre

Many volunteers from different countries visited and supported Eva Demaya in recent years with several projects. Their stories can be found under Volunteers stories.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at the Eva Demaya Centre, please get in touch with our Foundation at secretariaat@evademaya.nl and send an up-to-date CV and a covering letter detailing:
– which activities you propose to carry out at the Centre and the mtivation for volunteering,
– how long you intend to be at the Centre
– when you want to come.

An application for volunteering is handled by the Foundation in the Netherlands and they will contact the Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi to discuss the suitability of the application.
If the Centre’s programme allows it and if there is room enough at the guesthouse at that period, the applicant will then be invited for an interview by a member of the Foundation in the Netherlands. At this talk, all relevant aspects of the application will be discussed. After that a definitive decision will be made on the request to come out to Malawi.

The following conditions are relevant for a (future) volunteer in Malawi:
– To have a good knowledge of English, active as well as passive.
– The minimum age for a volunteer is 21.
– To stay at the Centre the following costs are involved:
o 25 euro a day for the first 4 weeks
o 20 euro a day for the period between 4 and 13 weeks
o after the period of 13 weeks 15 euro a day.

For the above mentioned fees, you get:
– Personal guidance before departure for Malawi
– Staying at the guesthouse at the Centre
– All meals, tea and coffee at the Centre
– A laundry service
– Transport for work-related activities with a bicycle
– Regular work-related feedback from the Managing Director
– Guidance from local employees
– Post-visit debriefing at the Foundation on return to the Netherlands.

Not included in the cost to stay at the Centre and to arrange yourself, are the following:
– Flight ticket to and from Malawi
– Transport from Lilongwe Airport to the Centre in Luviri
– Visa for Malawi
– Insurance
– Malaria prophylaxis, vaccinations etc.
– Personal, non-Centre-related expenses, e.g. free-time activities.

It’s important to understand that legal responsibility for all that happens during your stay in Malawi lies with the applicant and not with the Centre. To this end, before departure the applicant will be required to sign a declaration stating that one understands the extent of the responsibilities as a volunteer (see Statement volunteer(in Dutch)).
On return home, the Foundation will invite the volunteer to write a short article for publication on the Eca Demaya website.

If you get enthusiastic to become a volunteer? Gladly!
Send in your questions of inquire for further information on volunteering, on the above mentioned email address, the Foundation will help you with pleasure!