Sanne Manting

In January Sanne left the Netherlands for a stay at the Eva Demaya Centre in Luviri for the next 6 months.
She is educated to be a midwife and enjoys her work in the Netherlands very much.
However she had a dream to do be a volunteer in Africa, so she contacted the Eva Demaya Foundation after which her leave came rapidly.

Sannes vrijwilligerswerk Now she is in the middle of what she calls a great adventure.
She assisted as a midwife in 6 deliveries and was even asked to give a name to some of the newborn, which is a great honneur!
In between she is working with the antenatal care and family planning and she already was leading in working on the improvement of some issues that up from the inspection of the Malawian Nurses and Midwifes council last January.
She also started to train some younger boys at vollyeball and she enjoys their enthousiasm.

Sanne will be at the centre for another 3 months. If you want to read more about her stay at Eva Demaya, see for her blogs on (in Dutch).