Maintenance at the Centre

Maintenance at the Eva Demaya Centre is an ongoing activity and sometimes there are specific projects that ask for some specific effort and attention. Eva Demaya has two carpenters who work continuously to maintain the premises of the Centre which are 12.6 hectare in total and a total of nearly 40 smaller and larger sized buildings.

Continuous maintenance is needed of the terrain of the Centre and the damage control to the buildings. During the rainy season the terrain needs to be kept clean of grass and weeds an water damage on the terrain has to be kept to a minimum by draining water logs and filling up newly eroded galleys. Especially during dry season termites become a problem and creep into the buildings. Buildings have to be surveyed and treated with chemicals when damage is done. Never the less termites sometimes go into the poles that support the roofs or in the doorposts and window frames. This corroded wood needs to be repaired or replaced. Another maintenance issue is the varnishing of the wooden window frames and wooden doors, which are all over the offices, clinic buildings, guest house and some staff houses.
Offices roof repairs 1 (Large)

During the year 2014 a large amount of specific maintenance took place. Some of these specific maintenance activities can be seen on the photos. The offices for the micro-credit and the orphan care projects and the procurement clerk and health surveillance assistant needed a new roof. This roof is made of reeds which are woven into mats. This kind of roof last for several years. Nursery swings (Large)
At the compound of the nursery the old swing has been repaired and three more swings have been added. Also a fence was built around the nursery. The old fence with wooden poles had collapsed after 10 years and the need was felt for a more solid construction. The construction used is a combination of an iron fence with brick wall. Remaining is the painting of the wall, so that the construction blends in with the other buildings at the Centre.

With the necessary maintenance done, the Centre van be kept in good order and can continue to function well. All the well maintained buildings and the neat terrain are an inspiration to everybody who visits and a motivation to all those who work at the Centre. This can only be done with the help of donors who have make this maintenance work possible!