New footbridge for Vuvu

Construction of Vuvu Bridge 2015 (24) (Large)The new footbridge in Vuvu is ready!
People in Vuvu now have a safe, always passable bridge over the Hewe river.

Vuvu is a region near the border with Zambia, more than 35 kilometres from the centre.
Vuvu depends for its supplies, for health care and a police station on the trade centre Katowo, but to reach all these facilities Vuvu people have to cross the Hewe river.

Construction of Vuvu Bridge 2015 (2) (Large)
This newly built bridge really helps in the daily life of the Vuvu people. The health centre in Katowo can be reached at all times now, also by people who are not very mobile. Young people who attend the secondary school in Katowo are now within walking distance and no longer need to live in school hostels. Public transport is now within reach of the villagers. It is that local trade will grow because of the good road and easy reach of the village.

Construction of Vuvu Bridge 2015 (27) (Large)

The footbridge in Vuvu has been realised in a very short period of time and was built as a result of the joint efforts of Mr Nkhata, who did the engineering, the villagers of Vuvu, who turned the plans with wood, bricks, sand and hard work into the actual bridges and the Eva Demaya Centre who did the coordination and provided the funding. All the parties involved are proud of what has been achieved and the Vuvu bridge has now already proved to be a real gain for the Vuvu community.