With a little help, water for growing maize

Canaan Mkandawire used to be an employee at the Center, but is a farmer nowadays. He started growing maize, in the dry season. With a simple electric water pump that took diesel, he pumped water from the River to a pipeline that irrigated the maize on his land.

Unfortunately the pump was old and stopped working after a short while.
Canaan then asked people at the Centre whether they could help him. That request was honored, while he had already made al the preparations for the irrigation system, and the only missing object was a new pump.
So Canaan received an amount of €95,- from the Centre from their resources for community assistance and he consequently ordered his new pump.

His maize has grown well and he has resulted in a good harvest.

Canaan works as a ‘lead farmer’ in the area, which means that his methods for cultivation of the land and the growing of products can be seen as an example for other farmers. The purchase of the water pump to assure irrigation of the land can be seen as a good practice for other farmers in the neighborhood.