Policy and Management in Malawi


Local population is employed by the Eva Demaya Centre
Local population is employed by the Eva Demaya Centre

The objective of the Eva Demaya Centre is to develop activities which help the local community to improve their living conditions. and in so doing to offer Europeans and Africans the opportunity to meet each other with understanding and respect for each other’s way of living.

The functioning of the Eva Demaya Centre is grounded on three basic principles:

  • • respect for local culture and meeting one another in a climate of mutual understanding and respect,
  • • living as far as possible in harmony with nature
  • • allowing each person to develop his or her own personal, individual spirituality

These three principles, together with the Centre’s goal, form the framework from which all the Centre’s many activities proceed.

The activities and projects which help the local population to improve their living situation stem from a request for help from the local people. Activities are in the first place focused on supporting and strengthening culturally determined customs which still have their place today. In this way the activities are directly relevant to the living situation of those involved, and possibilities which already exist will be embraced.
In addition to the projects which come about through constant dialogue between the local population and the Centre, one ‘flagship’ project has been chosen by the Centre from the start, namely healthcare, and this encompasses three distinct styles of healing: conventional Western-style medicine, traditional healing and homeopathy.
The building style at the Centre reflects the three basic principles of the Centre.


Management NGO
Management NGO

The Eva Demaya Centre is made financially viable through the work of the Eva Demaya Foundation in the Netherlands.
Volunteers may come to the Centre to work for a shorter or longer period of time.

In Malawi the Centre is registered as an NGO (Non-Governmental Organisation) with a local Board of Trustees. The daily management of the Centre is in the hands of a person designated by the Foundation in agreement with the Malawian Board of Trustees.

The Centre has been created for an indefinite period of time. The separate projects will be wound up after they have achieved their specific goals.