Update on Covid-19

Also in Malawi Covid-19 is coming up again. Starting in December there is a high increase in the number of infections and also of the number of deceased. There have been reported outbreaks of the virus at some schools, with nationwide school closure as a consequence.

Malawi faces new measures against Covid-19 from January 20, but there is no complete lockdown.
The government is balancing between dangers of the quick spread of the virus and its new variants (f.e. the south African mutant) and the disastrous consequences from a weakening economy for the whole population.

On the other hand Malawi faces serious problems in getting enough resources to procure and distribute the necessary vaccines for her population. One mayor issue is the fact that facilities to store vaccines at very low temperatures are very limited.

At the Eva Demaya Centre as well as at the office in Mzuzu measures are implemented to protect patients and employees as well as possible.
The work at the Centre can continue as usual.
The health care clinic is very busy, not with Corona patients but with a huge flood of people with Malaria. While government hospitals have no Malaria medication available anymore, many people with Malaria come to the Eva Demaya clinic , where the medical staff fortunately is still able to help people with medicines and medical advice.