Save drinking water

Mkama school borehole (1) (Large) Recently, the Eva Demaya Centre has helped two communities near the centre with the supply of safe drinking water.
In Mkama 60 families depend for their drinking water on a hand pump, but this has not been working for over 2 years.
Mkama is a village about 10 miles north-east of the centre and is located behind a large estate owned by foreigners and where an irrigation system operates. The Eva Demaya Centre asked the owners to provide a water pipeline to Mkama, but there was no positive response.
To help the community of Mkama out of this situation of insufficient water supply, the Centre took care of the repair of the existing hand pump. All families of Mkama now benefit from the availability of drinking water.Mapanganya tap (1) (Large)

From the village of Mapaganya, bordering on the Centre, people have been coming to the Centre almost daily to fetch water.
At the request of the community chief of Mapaganya, the Centre provided a pipeline and a tap for the village. The inhabitants now have their own water supply and work at the Centre can now continue undisturbed by such extra demands on its resources.