Remote community welcomes basic health care

On the Nyika Plateau, which belongs to the area of activities of the Eva Demaya Centre, live around 500 people. The main part of the plateau lies in the Nyika National Park, an area with a protected status. The park has a diverse wild life and a unique landscape with a specific flora, under which a large variety of orchids.
Only workers of the park are allowed to live on the plateau, together with their families.

A few years ago the Centre was asked if they could help to give the people of the Nyika Plateau acces to basic healthcare. Because the plateau lies very remote, the health care workers of the government refused to work there.
During several years the Centre has educated health care workers. In 2014 one of the volunteers, who were trained to be a community health care workers, came from the Nyika Park, his name was Bannet Kaonga.
Bannet lived on the Nyika Plateau and was part of the small community there. He took great interest in being a health care worker and he turned out to be a very good student. On the picture showing the succesful candidates from 2014, Bannet is in the middle, with the red shirt.

As from September 2014 Bannet is working on Nyika as a health care worker and in is treating diseases and disorders like malaria, diarrhoea and vomiting, stomachache, bronchitis, injuries and skin diseases, backache and so on.

Recently a German foreign aid organisation decided to build a new, small clinic for the community on the Nyika plateau, which was recently officially openend.
With this new clinic and the services of Bannet, people in the remote area of Nyika at last have access to basic health care nearby, which is of great value to all of them.