Statutes and objective

Information on our Statutes

The Eva Demaya Foundation is established, for an indefinite period of time, in Kwintsheul, Westland. The statutes were duly registered by official notary’s deed on 3 June 1998 and had their most recent revision on 25 January 2002. The Foundation is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under No. 27172697.


The objective of the Foundation is to support the Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi.

The Foundation seeks to achieve this objective by:

  1. actively involving schools, churches, companies, organisations and institutions.
  2. arousing the interest and attention of as broad a public as possible through the media and its own publications
  3. obtaining support from organisations specifically focused on development cooperation.
  4. the creation of a community of donors
  5. pursuing a financial policy that will allow it to guarantee a minimum of three years ongoing activities.

The Foundation’s executive strives to channel as much of the money it collects directly to the work of the Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi. For this reason neither the executive nor the members of the P.R. team receive any payment. In the last few years the Foundation’s running costs amounted to not more than 4% of all the proceeds from their fundraising initiatives.

The purpose and government procedures of the foundation can be found in its articles of association (‘Statuten’, in Dutch) and the huishoudelijk reglement (in Dutch).
The Eva Demaya foundation’s policy plan and budget for 2023 can be viewed in the attached document (in Dutch).