Maternity services

The maternity section of the Eva Demaya Centre plays a major role on issues concerning pregnant women who come to seek antenatal care or come for obstetric assistance for delivery of their baby when their time is due. Women also come to seek postnatal care services for themselves and their babies including extra nutrition and vaccinations.

The maternity section was built in 2008 and has largely increased access to medical help and information for pregnant women and young mothers.

The Maternity section is managed by a well qualified nurse, Mrs. Unique Masankhula, who is responsible for maternity services to women who come to the clinic. The nurse is being supported in her work by the chief clinical officer and health surveillance assistance.
Eva Demaya Centre maternity clinic is supervised by the Government through Rumphi District hospital. Cooperation with Rumphi hospital is very good.
The Centre monthly submits several reports on her activities in the maternity to the Ministry of Health through Rumphi District hospital.

The Centre has an ambulance which helps to refer cases that cannot be managed at the Centre to Rumphi District hospital, in het (unforeseen) situation of complicated cases in delivery or cases that needs delivery through operations. All this is done to save the lives of new born babies and their mothers.

Ante-natal care
The maternity section encourages pregnant women to come for ante-natal checkups at least once a week. All pregnant women are tested on HIV (and partners are also encouraged to go for HIV testing also).
The employees of the maternity section emphasize on civic education on the importance of good nutrition, specially for pregnant women.

An average of 10 deliveries per month is done at the maternity.
Those women, who also come for ante-natal care, always come in time for delivery, which is a great advantage for it decreases risks. In the situation of complications while giving birth women will be referred to Rumphi District Hospital, mostly by transportation with the Centres ambulance.

Postnatal care
Mothers who cannot breast feed after giving birth are provided with milk for bottle- feeding.
Nutritious porridge flour is given to parents or guardians to prepare porridge for infants who are at risk of malnourished.
New born babies and their mothers are regularly checked up after birth. Especially HIV-positive mothers and their babies undergo treatment and are closely followed.
The maternity section is also responsible for vaccinations of new born and toddlers against different diseases such as measles, whooping cough and many more.

Family planning
The maternity clinic is very active in teaching (young) mothers on the importance of family planning methods.
Different family planning methods are offered at the Centre such as condoms for both male and female, contraceptive injections and pills.
For forms of family planning methods that can not be offered by the Centre women can address to another service provider, Banja la Mtsogolo, who have consults at the Centre once a month.

All well with mother and child…
In Northern Malawi maternity deaths reduces dramatically as most pregnant women now access high quality health services at the maternity clinic.
New born babies are well cared for and kept in good health with extra nutrition when needed, which results in a significant lower birth death rate in the area.
On behalf of all the beneficiaries sincere thanks are addressed at all donors for funding maternity clinic, with all its activities that has improved the health of numerous women and their children in the North of Malawi.