And the winners are …

The grand finals of this year’s sport competitions of Eva Demaya were held on October 29.
This year a total of 158 teams took part. The competition is very popular, with the netball tournament in particular enjoying a huge increase in popularity, the number of participating teams reaching an all-time high with 63 teams this year compared to 50 last year.
The teams are drawn from the whole catchment area of the Centre, which for the competition is divided in 4 zones, namely Hewe, Mwazisi, Luviri and Bolero. The teams in each zone play their own mini-league for both netball and football. Each league culminates in a zone final, with the zone winners then going on to contest the grand final.

The sport competition has grown so much over the years that it now takes serious organization and management to ensure its smooth operation.
Each zone has its own organizing committee and overall coordination is under the supervision of the Eva Demaya Centre. All participating teams pay a small contribution towards organizing costs. The remaining costs are provided by the Centre with the support of its sponsors.

This year again, the organisers, players, trainers and coaches together contributed to the excellent progress of the games. Trainers and coaches help their teams to improve their performance. Players put aside potential disagreements or solve them in a sporting way.
Great enthusiasm and fun was shown during the games. The matches and in particular the finals always attract a large number of spectators who are very involved in the games and the players and contribute greatly to the festivities with singing and dancing.

This year’s winners of respectively football and netball competitions are:
Hewe: Manchester Football Club and Katowo Rangers Sisters
Mwazisi: Chitanga Football Club and Galang’anda Sisters
Luviri: Fyolonga Football Club and Nkhozo Sisters
Bolero: Mwachilinda Football Club and JB Sisters

Sports competition 2017: finals coming up

The yearly sports competition in the northern region of Malawi has evolved into a tradition and is looked forward to by many people. Sport is welcomed as a diversion for all people in the villages, for the younger ones to participate in a team and for others to watch the matches and support the players.
Men play in the football competition and the women have a competition in netball. This year’s event is larger than ever: 98 teams have enrolled for football and 67 teams are playing netball. The teams all pay a small fee to contribute to the organizational costs.

The completion is spread over the whole district of Rumphi West. The district is divided into 4 zones , in which the teams of each zone play each other. Each zone winner qualifies for the finals, which are a great event each year.

Organizing the competition takes a lot of effort and communication. Each zone has its own committee that is responsible for the teams in their zone. The chairmen of the four commissions together form the main committee, which has its own overall chairman, Ackim Ndove. The main committee works closely with the management team of the Eva Demaya Centre, in order to coordinate and supervise all matches. The photo’s show a meeting of one of the zone commissions and a budget meeting with the main committee at the Centre. Also a part of a playing scheme from one of the zones is shown.
Besides all organizational preparations it is of course of great importance to come up with a good team and to train hard as a team. The teams are selected anew each season, and it is evident that everyone wants to have the best players from the community in the team in order to keep the honours of the village high. The photos show training activities and on one of them the teams are seen getting instructions from the referee just before the match.
Most participating teams find support in their own community to buy materials like shirts, shoes and balls. Some teams are lucky to have a specific sponsor, like the Eva Demaya football and netball teams, which receive funding from the Centre. As sports grow in popularity, it is easier for the teams to find support, inclusing financial sponsoring.
The competition is in progress now, with matches each weekend. Slowly the winner of each zone will reveal itself. So everybody is looking forward to the finals!

Winners of sport competitions now known

beker presentatie voetbal Katowo FC (Large)The 2015 sport competitions in netball and football closed with keenly contested finals. Both grand finals matches attracted the usual large crowds. The Katowo team won the football competition and, among the ladies, the Bolero team triumphed in the netball tournament.
Supporters Katowo vieren winnende doelpunt (2) (Large) In total about 140 teams took part in this year’s competitions, divided over the regions of Bolero, Luviri, Mwazisi and Hewe. The matches were played weekly, with large numbers of fans supporting the players; qualified referees guaranteed the fairness of the games.
At the end of the league format, and with all the points tallied, the 4 highest-ranked teams went forward to the finals.

bekerwinnars netbal Bolero Girls (Large)
As in past years, the Eva Demaya Centre organised and sponsored these sports competitions for the youth of the district. The competitions are very popular among young people, who find in sport a way of relaxation and also a challenge.
The competitions enjoy a growing popularity among all the people in the communities and the local newspapers also regularly report on the matches. The Malawi News had a report on the prize-giving ceremony at which Jacqueline presented the trophies.

The photos here show the winning teams of Katowo and Bolero as well as the celebrations of the Katowo fans after their winning goal.

New season sport competition

Sunday June 14 marked the start of annual sport competitions. There was great enthusiasm among both players and spectators for this first game of the new season.
EDC voetbal juni 2015 (8)

The competition for both football and netball is divided into 4 zones. Each zone has about 20 football teams for the men and 15 netball teams for the women, making a total of about 140 teams. Each team pays a small registration fee to show that they take the competition seriously.

This year 8 referees were trained by the Football Association of Malawi (FAM). This is a positive development, because sometimes in the past there have been some irregularities as a consequence of decisions by a referee which were disputed by fiercely competitive players and their passionate supporters.

EDC netball juni 2015 (8)
The photos show both the season-opening football and netball matches in Luviri. Both matches featured the Eva Demaya team against a team from neighbouring Bembe. Spectators were able to view both matches at the same time just by turning their heads…

Eva Demaya is sponsor and organiser of these leagues. Any contributions to the cost of staging them is welcome.

Launch of football and netball competitions 2014

Every year, Eva Demaya organizes a sport competition for the young people in her district.
In the dry period from May to October, there is not much employ for the young people in the villages. Sport a good way to keep them active. Sports also contributes to the social community because it attracts large groups of spectators. Each team has an extensive, well organized group of supporters en sport is an important part of life in the villages.

Eva Demaya organizes two competitions, netball for the females and a football competition for man.
Recently, another form of sport for ladies is in place in Malawi, namely ladies ball, but Eva Demaya has not given in to this trend yet.
Participating teams netbal
This year 86 teams are registered for the football competition and 52 teams for the netball competition, which makes netball very popular this year (last year there were 40 teams).
To take part of the competitions the teams pay a small fee for registration and prices. The winners will receive an attractive price but there is also a consolation price for the team that ends last.

On behalf of all participants of the football and netball competition thanks to all sponsors for their financial support of this competition.

More pictures of the sport events are shown in the album.

Sports competition a huge succes

Recently the Eva Demaya Sport competition, for football and netball, came to its conclusion. This year the Centre organised the competition to cover the entire work area, which was divided into four zones, with each zone having its own competition.
This was done because the teams taking part don’t have any transport facilities for away games and thus have to travel to these games on foot. Given that a zone can measure ten by twenty kilometres, teams still have to cover large distances travelling to away games.

A total of 92 football teams and 51 netball teams took part.

Finals football competition  2013 in Mwazisi
Finals football competition 2013 in Mwazisi
In the remote rural areas of Malawi there is not a lot to do for young people. As a result, many young people live in each other’s pockets and find themselves involved in relationships at a young age. Unsurprisingly, many young people end up getting married and having children. This phenomenon in its turn means that it is hard to escape from the vicious circle of poverty.

Sport is a very important and very healthy diversion for young people. It does the heart good to see the enormous commitment the participants bring to these football and netball matches. Their seniors are also just as involved in these sporting endeavours and each team has its own network of committees and supporters around it; the football and netball coaches enjoy considerable prestige in the villages.

Finals competition netbal 2013 in Mwazisi
Finals competition netbal 2013 in Mwazisi
With the Eva Demaya Competition thousands of people were involved over a period of five months. Enthusiasm for the competition was huge, with each match drawing large numbers of spectators. Prizes for the winners were attractive for the young participants, who were able to use their prize money to buy football or netball strips and (second-hand) football boots.

The photos here show the finals in Mwazisi, which is about twenty kilometres from the Centre. About four thousand people attended, and as ever there was dancing and singing throughout: a feast for everyone!

Container for Eva Demaya

Container for Eva Demaya
Container for Eva Demaya

Early in June 2010, we shipped a container to Malawi with relief supplies of which Jacqueline had a shortage.
Mostly medicine, clothing, toys and stuffed animals, sportswear and sportsshoes, tools, bicycles, linens, blankets, generators, refrigerators, etc.
Preceding, we had one year of operations and activities to get all this stuff together. We were supported by several organizations that have been lobbying for us. Sports clubs such as KMD and Velo have helped us enormously. At the same time the recycling ‘s Gravenzande has helped us tremendously.
All belongings are safe at the place of destination and Jacqueline is very happy and will provide for further distribution.
This again was the completion of a successful project.