Vocational training 2019

This year the feastly graduation ceremony for the students of the vocational training was held in the end of November.
Only eight students this year, because 2 of the young women in the tailoring training dropped out (on because of illness and the other for dishonest behavior).
Besides the vocational training in tailoring, there was only bicycle repairing, for in total 6 young man.
Every year Eva Demaya Centre offers vocational training to 10 orphans and vulnerable youths. This training offered is an exceptional opportunity for the chosen trainees to learn a profession which gives them the possibility to set up their own businesses. The training equips the students with skills and knowledge in order for them to be self-reliant with the skills gained. After the training, the professional young men and women offer their vocational services to the community who then in their turn benefit. The vocational training programme of the Centre assists indirectly well over 500 people from the communities from which the identified youths are trained.

One of the reasons why the vocational training is so successful, is because the students also are trained in organisation management. During one week there are several lessons in business economics and bookkeeping, marketing, and running a business. Another key success factor is the donation of a complete set of business attributes needed for the new profession of the students. This makes that the new business can start right after the vocational training is ended, when the young people have returned to their villages.
This was the first year in which no training for tinsmithing and for carpentry was given. Next year these vocations will be back in the programme. Also two extra youngsters for the tailoring training will be selected.