Vocational training successful

This year’s vocational training have been closed. The to-be-tailors who were introduced to the readers in the recent newsletter, now are graduated, just like the young man who followed the education programme to be a tinsmith, bicycle repairman and carpenter
On October 15th the Centre organized a festivity to honour the students, in the presence of a large group of people.

The vocational training is repeated yearly and is one of the pillars of the Eva Demaya Centre. The 10 youngsters – four ladies and 6 young men – stayed at the Centre for 6 month and followed a fully tended training programme. At the closing of the program and after some final exams, Jacqueline handed over their certificate of evidence.
An important reason for the successful proceedings of their study, is the gift of a toolkit they each receive. Every vocational has it’s own tools, like a sewing machine, scissors, a tape measure and other indispensable materials such as fabrics and thread for the tailor and a complete carpentry outset for the carpenters.
With the tools available, the young men and women can now directly start up their own small business in their own village.

This year’s students were highly motivated, because they know all too well that the vocational training offered new chances to all those who already had the opportunity to be in the program in the earlier years.
The Eva Demaya Centre wishes them lots of good luck and success with their new vocation and finding a new (business)life in their community.