Meeting Jacqueline

cheques voor jacquelineOn the last day of her holiday in the Netherlands, Jacqueline gave some very interesting insights into her work at the Centre in Malawi, in front of a packed hall in the Lessenaar facility in Kwintsheul. She reported on all the projects, from healthcare, maternity care and AIDS prevention to the education of orphaned children, the building of primary schools and bridges and told of the enthusiasm people have for the sports competitions.
Jacqueline also informed her audience about her work as a Member of Parliament (MP) and how this work connects to the work she has already been doing all these years with her team for the community of Rumphi West.

After the presentations, some members of the activity committee presented various cheques to Jacqueline to represent the cash raised through recent initiatives of the committee, including the annual Eva Demaya sponsored walk, a barn party, and an initiative of the local recycling shop.

Throughout the afternoon, all those present were able to enjoy coffee or tea, accompanied by a selection of delicious cakes and snacks personally prepared by the members of the activity committee.

Kasongwe school is finished

resultaat adventsactie 2013
Kids in Kasongwe and their teachers are very happy with their new schoolbuilding and houses for the teachers, that were built with fundings of the Adventsaction of 2013.
Building the school in Kasongwe was one of the projects of the Adventsaction of 2013, that was held under the supervision of Cordaid. The project of the building of 2 classrooms and housing for the teachers started as an initiative of the parents of the schoolgoing children in Kasongwe and the project is put to a good end because of narrow collaboration of the community and the assistence from the Eva Demaya Centre. Read more on the progress in building the school somewhere else on this site.

Fantastic results from Advent action

christmas greetingsThe collection of the national Advent action on behalf of the Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi raised the handsome sum of €25.000 which will go towards the building of a school in the northern part of Malawi.
The building of this school with teachers’ houses and latrines will enable 400 children to follow education in their neighbourhood.
During her recent visit to Malawi, the secretary of the foundation personally handed over the Christmas greeting cards that people and schoolchildren in the Westland area of the Netherlands wrote for inhabitants of Malawi to Jacqueline Kouwenhoven and a large group of Malawians. People found it fantastic to receive a card and started an exchange mart with them. Jacqueline translated some of the longer texts for the recipients of the cards.

Promotion Movie Advent

In December, the national Advent action of the Catholic churches in the Netherlands is going to be held for 10 projects, including the construction of a school in Malawi led by Eva Demaya.
This action is organized by MOV Westland / Delfland in co-operation with the National Advent action.
For this project a compelling promotional film is made​​. Our Secretary Ria Jongerius clearly explains why this project is so important.
The movie is in Dutch.

Eva Demaya presentation at primary school

Presentatie basisschoolIn November, board members of the Eva Demaya Foundation visited the Pieter van der Plas primary school to give a presentation on the work of the Centre in Malawi.The children showed great interest in the photos they saw and in the stories of daily life in Malawi, with no water or electricity in the houses and very primitive school buildings and lessons.
The children of the Pieter van de Plas school save money during the year in their “Monday morning money” initiative to support projects of which the Eva Demaya Centre is one.

Successful initiatives

Last weekend, the Eva Demaya Foundation received more substantial contributions from two sources.

Initiative Container plants
Initiative Container plants
First of all, Karin Pennewaard completed her initiative of container plants sell. Last Saturday she peddled all orders from the works of her husband in Naaldwijk. Nice initiative with beautiful plants and the name of Eva Demaya is in the spotlight again. And as a surprise Karin announced that she intends to repeat this next year 🙂
Donation from 2nd hand shop Re-sell
Donation from 2nd hand shop Re-sell

The same weekend Eva Demaya Foundation received a valuable voucher from the hands of Re-sell. A delegation from the Board of the Foundation has taken delivery this Saturday. On this occasion even the press and the WOS were present. We are curious to see a glimpse of Eva Demaya in the newspaper or on TV.
See also article on (dutch)

Presentation at Shalomschool

In april 2013 Ria Jongerius and Anja Duijndam showed a presentation of photo’s of Eva Demaya at the Shalomschool in Rijswijk. Divided in 2 sessions, about 150 students of all eight groups listened breathless to the stories of the life of their contemporaries and their families, in the villages in the neighbourhood of the Eva Demaya Centre.
During the week after this presentation, there was a collection at the school in which the children donated from their piggy bank.

Thanks to elementary school Hof ter Weide

Christmas dinner was very nice in all classes, there was a real Christmas atmosphere. All parents thanks for the delicious snacks. And what a beautiful initiative of the PTA for inviting all enthusiastic parents, grandparents and friends to join.

This year the central hall was transformed into a cozy Christmas market where even a real auction was held, which was exciting. The children had crafted nice things and the proceeds went to charity “The Eve Demaya foundation”. This foundation is dedicated to orphans. Hans van Kesteren, board member of the Foundation informed all groups by means of an informative presentation, so that the children knew well what they comitted to.
The proceeds of the Christmas was great, no less than 1,183.07 euros. On behalf of the charity, we want to thank everyone for this beautiful gift!

Hof Ter Weide sponsort
Donation of Hof Ter Weide

The Christmas committee of Hof ter Weide

Yield Cycle-party this year for Eva Demaya

Cyclingtour Westland Helps Africa 2012
Westland Africa Foundation helps and supports small-scale development initiatives in Africa that are often undertaken by people from Westland.

The foundation was founded by and for Westland people. Its focus is particularly on providing financial or other support for education, medical care or shelter in Africa.

By means of organizing various activities, fundraising and approaching potential sponsors and organizing activities.

In the year 2012 a portion of the proceeds from the annual “Westland Pinkster Fietsfestijn” are for Eva Demaya.
See also the large poster.