Launch of football and netball competitions 2014

Every year, Eva Demaya organizes a sport competition for the young people in her district.
In the dry period from May to October, there is not much employ for the young people in the villages. Sport a good way to keep them active. Sports also contributes to the social community because it attracts large groups of spectators. Each team has an extensive, well organized group of supporters en sport is an important part of life in the villages.

Eva Demaya organizes two competitions, netball for the females and a football competition for man.
Recently, another form of sport for ladies is in place in Malawi, namely ladies ball, but Eva Demaya has not given in to this trend yet.
Participating teams netbal
This year 86 teams are registered for the football competition and 52 teams for the netball competition, which makes netball very popular this year (last year there were 40 teams).
To take part of the competitions the teams pay a small fee for registration and prices. The winners will receive an attractive price but there is also a consolation price for the team that ends last.

On behalf of all participants of the football and netball competition thanks to all sponsors for their financial support of this competition.

More pictures of the sport events are shown in the album.

Promotion Movie Advent

In December, the national Advent action of the Catholic churches in the Netherlands is going to be held for 10 projects, including the construction of a school in Malawi led by Eva Demaya.
This action is organized by MOV Westland / Delfland in co-operation with the National Advent action.
For this project a compelling promotional film is made​​. Our Secretary Ria Jongerius clearly explains why this project is so important.
The movie is in Dutch.

Blankets for the cold season

Uitreiken van de dekens
Uitreiken van de dekens

In the months of June, July and August temperatures drop significantly here, Our annual distribution of blankets to the most needy orphans throughout the area we cover is greatly appreciated by both the children and their families; being able to sleep under a blanket at night greatly reduces the risk of pneumonia or burns from sleeping too near an open fire.
Blije kinderen met hun ouders
Blije kinderen met hun ouders

Ministry of Health very happy with our work

Certificate of Excellence 2012
Certificate of Excellence 2012
The Malawian Ministry of Health regularly carries out inspections at the clinic of the Eva Demaya Centre and of the various medical services which it provides.

For the third time in a row the Centre’s AIDS clinic has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence in recognition of the way in which the clinic is run and the AIDS patients are treated.

The AIDS clinic is open every Tuesday and over a hundred patients come there for treatment. In addition to getting the medicine they need, patients are supported by counselling and advice.

Successful initiatives

Last weekend, the Eva Demaya Foundation received more substantial contributions from two sources.

Initiative Container plants
Initiative Container plants
First of all, Karin Pennewaard completed her initiative of container plants sell. Last Saturday she peddled all orders from the works of her husband in Naaldwijk. Nice initiative with beautiful plants and the name of Eva Demaya is in the spotlight again. And as a surprise Karin announced that she intends to repeat this next year 🙂
Donation from 2nd hand shop Re-sell
Donation from 2nd hand shop Re-sell

The same weekend Eva Demaya Foundation received a valuable voucher from the hands of Re-sell. A delegation from the Board of the Foundation has taken delivery this Saturday. On this occasion even the press and the WOS were present. We are curious to see a glimpse of Eva Demaya in the newspaper or on TV.
See also article on (dutch)

Goodbye to our co-founder

At our reception of March 16, 2013 we have said farewell to a wonderful woman: Jose Batist. She has been involved with Eva Demaya from the very first hour. Jacqueline Kouwenhoven was present at this goodbye.

Together with her sister Jacqueline, José was the one who was already active for Eva Demaya in 1996. Together they looked for possibilities to set up a development centre in Malawi. Afterwards, Jacqueline continued her development work in Malawi, José focussed on activities in the Netherlands. In this first two years, the main job was putting the right people together to start and expand fundraising. Together with Dick Boutkan in 1998 José founded the Eva Demaya Foundation. José took a position in the board.

In 2005 she left her position at the board. However, she remained very active for the Eva Demaya Foundation. As one of our most active members, she took the lead in a lot of fund raising activities, like presentations and fairs, and she increased the awareness of our Foundation. In addition, she is one of the co-organisers of our yearly hiking tour. While the first tour in 2008 was only locally know, currently our hiking tour gains national fame.

José Batist is offered a beautiful painting by Joop van Dijk for farewell
José Batist is offered a beautiful painting by Joop van Dijk for farewell

Despite all the activities she (helped) organising; José has been an inspiration to members of the Eva Demaya Foundation. José always kept the aim of the Eva Demaya Centre in mind: maintaining a development centre in one of the poorest and neediest regions of the world: the north of Malawi.

The farewell of José as an active member is now final. But José promised to keep in touch and to remain being active as a volunteer. We thank José for her dedication in all those years and of course we hope to keep in touch.

Peter van Rossum
Chairman Eva Demaya Foundation

Bicycles for healthworkers in the villages

Eight of our health workers recently received bicycles to help them to do their work in the villages.

The health workers received a six-year-long training in first aid assistance so that they can serve their own communities. The main elements of this training are hygiene, nutrition, basic anatomy, the fundamentals of pathology, wound care, HIV prevention and AIDS care as well as homeopathic first aid.

Our health workers are active in their own communities and treat an average of twenty to thirty patients per month. The patients come to them with complaints such as cough, fever, vomiting fits, diarrhoea, wounds, sprains, back pain, skin aliments and many other health problems. Where the health workers cannot treat the complaints themselves, the patients are referred to the nearest clinic.

Bicycles for Health Workers
Bicycles for Health Workers

During their six-year training the health workers worked on a purely voluntary basis. Now they are able to ask for a contribution from the patients they treat. In this way they are able to earn a modest income. In practice, however, the contributions from the patients they treat are so small that any such income is too insignificant to be of any practical advantage.

Now, with the bicycles they have been given, the health workers are able to visit the more remote villages to treat patients there. Having a bicycle will also allow them to travel much more easily to our Centre where they attend their monthly refresher training and collect their medicine stock and wound dressing materials.

Having locally placed health workers in the villages means that any health problems in these localities are treated swiftly and are not allowed to develop into serious or life-threatening issues. Every month on average some 250 patients are helped in this way.


Thanks to elementary school Hof ter Weide

Christmas dinner was very nice in all classes, there was a real Christmas atmosphere. All parents thanks for the delicious snacks. And what a beautiful initiative of the PTA for inviting all enthusiastic parents, grandparents and friends to join.

This year the central hall was transformed into a cozy Christmas market where even a real auction was held, which was exciting. The children had crafted nice things and the proceeds went to charity “The Eve Demaya foundation”. This foundation is dedicated to orphans. Hans van Kesteren, board member of the Foundation informed all groups by means of an informative presentation, so that the children knew well what they comitted to.
The proceeds of the Christmas was great, no less than 1,183.07 euros. On behalf of the charity, we want to thank everyone for this beautiful gift!

Hof Ter Weide sponsort
Donation of Hof Ter Weide

The Christmas committee of Hof ter Weide