Vocational training in progress
The vocational training program of the Centre is one of the main activities at the Centre, beside the medical care, which is of course their focus area. Vocational training provides for personal development of a small group of young people and at the same time for economical growth for themselves and their nearby.
Find out what is new in this year’s program…
Hostels at Luviri school
In the neighborhood of the Centre a magnificent project started, the building of a secondary school for about 300 students.
The building activities will take about 2 years and are a combined effort of a building contractor, the local community and the Eva Demaya Centre. The project is financed by donators from the Eva Demaya Foundation in de Netherlands and Wilde Ganzen Foundation. Read more about the building of 2 hostels at the Luviri school.
The Centre prepares to Covid-19
To fight the worldwide outbreak of the Coronavirus, almost all countries in the world take measures. This is also the case in Malawi. Jacqueline gives an update of the situation in and round the Eva Demaya Centre.
Vocational training 2019
Every year Eva Demaya Centre offers vocational training to 10 orphans and vulnerable youths. The training equips the students with skills and knowledge in order for them to be self-reliant. The trained, professional young men and women offer their newly aquired vocational services to the community were their roots lay. Read more about this year’s training.
Finals of football and netball competition of 2019
A great number of matches have been played by 117 teams in this year’s football and netball competition in Northern Malawai. The teams played a fair game and competed energetically to end up as winner with their team.
The competition is quite a phenomenon, in northern Malawi and very popular with the local communities, who usually give a festive touch to each of the matches. Read more and find some photo’s …
With a little help, water for growing maize
In Malawi the growing of products like maize is not easy, drought, deseases in plants of a herd of elephants can ruin a crop in a wink of the eye. Sometimes a little help is all what is needed to turn the tide. Read how Canaan did so…
The Eva Demaya Centre and the Eva Demaya Foundation: Who we are and what we do
Since 2001 the Eva Demaya Centre has been working to provide proper healthcare facilities to a disadvantaged part of Malawi. This initiative was started in the belief that everyone everywhere has a right to a decent health service.
The Centre was created with the cooperation of groups from within the local community. A core element is the clinic, which consists of a number of buildings where Western medicine is practised. The Centre nowadays is an important employer within the area, with a payroll of more than 60 people.

The work of the Eva Demaya Centre is faciltated by many donors, in the Netherlands and outside. This financial support is organised through te Eva Demaya Foundation, located in the Netherlands. The foundation runs this website to generate publicity en to inform those interessed on activities for funds raising.
Read more on the work of the Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi or become a benefactor and support the foundation with a gift.