Building the Luviri secondary school proceeds
In the neighborhood of the Centre a magnificent project started, the building of a secondary school for about 300 students.
The building activities will take about 2 years and are a combined effort of a building contractor, the local community and the Eva Demaya Centre. The project is financed by donators from the Eva Demaya Foundation in de Netherlands and Wilde Ganzen Foundation.
Read more about the proceedings these last months.
Sport competition 2018 succesful
The line was high again, in this year’s football and netball competition in Norther Malawai. Hundreds of players – male and female – competed to end up as winner with there team. The competition is quite a phenomenon, in an area where a football field usually has little grass. Read more and find some photo’s …
Newsletter 38 published
In this newsletter Jacqueline is telling the story of Ephie Chimayi, who has two healthy children, thanks to the extensive programmes of education and testing on the HIV virus that the Centre undertakes in effort to reduce the spread of the virus in the northern area of Malawi. And Jacqueline also proudly tells about the kick-off for the building of a secondary school for about 300 students, in the district of Luviri. Read more and look for the photos in the newsletter. Or read earlier newsletters in the Newsletter archive.
Medical team fights against malaria
Malaria most of the time is not far away Malawi, but the large number of malaria infections in the last weeks, is quite disturbing and it led to waiting rows at the Centre. The medical team of the Centre tested many people and could provide the needed medicines if necessary. Read more on how malaria caused the team to work overtime.
Vocational training responds to needs of communities
For the 12th year in a row ten young men and women followed the vocational training at the Eva Demaya Centre in which they are trained to become an independent professional tailor, tinsmith, bicycle repairman respectively carpenter. The training offers these young orphaned people a good perspective to become economically independent as a professional worker in their own community.
Mwanda children benefit from new primary school
The local school building in Mwanda was old and far too small to be able to offer primary education to all young children. With the help of donations from the Netherlands in a very short period of time a beautiful school with three classrooms and teacher houses was built. The young children from Mwanda are now able to follow proper primary education within walking distance. Read about the festive ceremony to open the new school.
Excellent health care
The Eva Demaya Center recently received a ‘Certificate of excellence’ from the Malawian ministry of Health care for the PMCT and ART services they offer.
The Eva Demaya Centre: Who we are and what we do
Since 2001 the Eva Demaya Centre has been working to provide proper healthcare facilities to a disadvantaged part of Malawi. We do this work in the belief that everyone everywhere has a right to a decent health service.
The Centre was created with the cooperation of groups from within the local community. A core element is the clinic, which consists of a number of buildings where Western medicine is practised. As well as the outpatients clinic there is a maternity unit, an orphan care project offering vocational training, a nursery school and also the Centre sometimes offers maize distribution in times of need. The Centre is also an important employer within the area, with a payroll of more than 60 people. Read more on this website about the work of the Eva Demaya for the inhabitants of Malawi. Your support to make this all happen is needed. Become a benefactor and support the foundation with a gift.