Management and procedures in NL


The procedures involved in executing projects are described below:
1. The Eva Demaya Centre in Malawi initiates a project proposal, which will include a detailed budget. Longer-term projects are divided into phases, so that each separate phase is treated as a separate project.
2, After approval by the management team of the Eva Demaya Foundation in the Netherlands, fund-raising activities will be started.
3, All money raised, both for specific projects and for general purposes, is put on a single bank account under auspicien of the Foundation. The management sees to the dedicated funding of projects withe the fundings they received for it.

The Eva Demaya Foundation has a management team that consists of a General Board and an Executive Board. Daily organizational matters are handled by the Executive Board, the General Board deals with policy aspects and they are both working out fund-raising activities.

The management team consists of the following members:

Name Begin term of office End term of office
Peter van Rossum(chair) December 2002 December 2020
Ria Jongerius (secretary) December 2001 December 2019
Cees van Rijn (treasurer) January 2008 December 2019
Marja Enthoven September 2013 September 2019
Katja Brenninkmeijer September 2016 September 2020
Gerrie van Adrichem December 2016 December 2019
Geraldine Hindriksen February 2018 February 2021

Alongside the management resides an active activity committee, which organises activities and generates publicity for Eva Demaya. Members of this activity committee are:
Hanneke van Holst
Wil ‘t Mannetje
Karin Pennewaard
Rink van Rossum
Anja Duijndam