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In addition to its more essential services, the Centre actively promotes sport, and has set up its own football and netball clubs for men and women respectively.


We now have an A and a B team. Both compete in local and regional competitions and have built up a loyal and enthusiastic supporter base. Older teenagers have also now established their own team. In Malawi (and thus in Luviri) football is the most popular, and for many the only, sport. Besides being an important source of recreation, it fosters friendship and broadens the participants’ horizons, and thus plays an important part in developing community spirit.

The Eva Demaya football team
The Eva Demaya football team


The girls/women are not left out in the provision of sport: they have their own netball team – the Eva Demaya Queens. The team competes at regional level and they too have built up their own band of loyal supporters. Playing at regional level allows them to broaden their horizons in more than just the sporting sense, and also to learn what is going on in the world beyond the confines of the village.

Ladies team Netball
Ladies team Netball

Read more about the football competition and netball competition of 2013 in Sport competition large succes or look at the pictures in Start of sport competitions 2013.

Dancing comepetition

A wish in Malawi is to organize a cultural dance competition. Important consideration in this competition is the HIV / AIDS problem. The intention is to make it a great event for the entire region.
It is about more attention to traditional Malawian dance performed by men and women.
Intention is to create a different viewpoint to the HIV / AIDS problem and to reach a lot more people in this way.
For this project, we are urgely looking for sponsorship. Only if we do find a sponsor, the project can be started.